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Dutch Network for Climate Obstruction Studies

A network of researchers working on analysing, understanding and exposing climate obstruction in the Netherlands

The Dutch Network for Climate Obstruction Studies (Climate Obstruction NL) connects academics, investigative journalists and NGO researchers who are studying climate obstruction in the Netherlands. Climate Obstruction NL is a network organization which aims to promote knowledge exchange and research collaboration. 

Learn about climate obstruction

The Netherlands has been at the forefront of acknowledging climate change since the 1980s. Unfortunately, it cannot be considered a climate hero. Part of the delay in implementing serious climate policies is due to the obstruction of mitigation regulations by high-emitting industries and state actors, using tactics of climate denial, doubt mongering, and lobbying.

Climate Obstruction NL provides a point of contact for questions about climate obstruction from policymakers, the media, academics, students, NGOs, investors, business leaders, and the public. Our website provides an overview of climate obstruction researchers and their expertise, relevant events and climate obstruction research. We plan to organise workshops and conferences for members, and information sessions and activities accessible to stakeholders and society.

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